Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rhodes Scholar

My cousin Sarah is one of the proud recipients of the esteemed Rhodes Scholarship. Congratulations, Sarah! You made the tower light up for something other than meaningless thugs bashing each other repeatedly (for hundreds of millions of dollars in merchandise and television advertising rights)! Rock on, my academician sista.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hotel San Jose

Note to self: buy more lighting shit, actually learn how to strobe.

Apple's new iPods surf the internet, run software, play movies, music, and games, and cost less than $300. Pocketwizards fire your flash and maybe your remote camera (if you swing that way), and cost $300. Either lower the price, or make them play DVDs, dudes.

Photography is expensive as hell. :(

Dr. Lambowitz and RNA

Doing assignments for the Texan makes me tingly all over!

I'm rushed, going a little crazy, hauling a bag full of lighting equipment, running across campus, trying desperately to find the right room after being given the wrong number, avoiding or ignoring warnings of radioactivity, doing the actual shoot in a boring room far away from the lab and all its cool science paraphernalia, given only five minutes for the portrait, and I couldn't be happier.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fire in West Campus

I'm so glad to be back in Austin. Amazing stuff, every day I'm here. Here's today.

I really hope I make it back on staff, it's an incredible and really rewarding experience.

A brief note, but an overdue one: a kindly saint out there somewhere was amazing enough to send me a replacement iPod battery for my ailing iPod. Thank you so much, it was completely surprising and really heartening. It helps me every day to know that there are complete strangers out there that care about me... then again, how would a complete stranger know I have a 4th gen. iPod? Not only a saint, but a psychic!

First Post ... MkII

Welcome to the new beginning for my blog. I cut out my original Project365 material that originally constituted this blog. Why? Well, to be honest, it was amateurish. I was just getting my photographic legs under me. I think somewhere down the line, I'll do it again. But I'll do it right, and finish it.

Until then, enjoy!